Welcome to Tiger Lily Furniture! I've been in love with everything French, since I visited Paris with my family when I was 16. Something magical about the city! My husband and I do renovations to make a living, and I'm the painter! Here's my hand at painting furniture, and turning outdated vintage pieces, into something beautiful again.

Thursday, 27 June 2013

Turquoise china cabinet

My husband and I do reno's for a living, and we scored this china cabinet at one of his clients houses. They were doing a kitchen renovation, and were in need of a microwave\hoodfan combo. We just so happened to have one, that we were trying to sell. They had seen me eyeing the cabinet, and asked if we would trade... Yes please! It was the clients grandmothers... So I'm thinking there's some age to it. I just love the turned legs and the detail on the bottom rail. Painted in destin gulf green by cece Caldwell, and aged with dark wax. It's in our upstairs hallway, and it's the perfect piece for the space. So pretty!

Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Destin gulf green wall sconce

I love this little wall sconce! I've put it up in our master bath, and now I need to find the perfect piece to display on it. I painted it in cece caldwell's destin gulf green. It's a beautiful turquoise that I darkened with wax. Adds a beautiful patina to it, don't you think?