Welcome to Tiger Lily Furniture! I've been in love with everything French, since I visited Paris with my family when I was 16. Something magical about the city! My husband and I do renovations to make a living, and I'm the painter! Here's my hand at painting furniture, and turning outdated vintage pieces, into something beautiful again.

About me

Hi! So glad you found Tiger Lily Furniture! I have always loved interior design, and for the past 2 years, my husband and I have owned our own renovation and design business. We also have 3 kids that keep us very busy! Ages 6, 4 and 10 months...there's never a dull moment around our house! Most recently with our reno business, we bought a second house to renovate it and sell it again. I loved being able to decorate the house, and make all of the choices on the finishes...now just to sell it!
I've always loved a good deal...and have always managed to source out good pieces of furniture. Re-finishing furniture is a new passion of mine, and I can't seem to stop painting! It started out with almost every wooden piece of furniture in my home, then I thought I should start selling it! Coming up with a name was a little tricky...until I was reading Pete Pan with my daughter...Tiger Lily! Perfect! With my native background, I thought it was fitting~
It's amazing what a transformation these pieces go through. I love choosing colors, and distressing each piece...seeing the color underneath show through is beautiful. I love thinking about the history of each piece...who used it? What room was it in? And who's house will it end up in?
I hope you find what you're looking for, and that I will have the chance to have a piece of Tiger Lily Furniture in your home.

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  1. Nice meeting you last Saturday at the market! Your stuff looked great! Now I need to get working on my pile of pallets in our yard:)