Welcome to Tiger Lily Furniture! I've been in love with everything French, since I visited Paris with my family when I was 16. Something magical about the city! My husband and I do renovations to make a living, and I'm the painter! Here's my hand at painting furniture, and turning outdated vintage pieces, into something beautiful again.

Sunday, 17 March 2013

Vintage divided crates!

Sourced these out in the States yesterday. Love the fact that they're divided! Beautiful on a coffee table, or maybe hung on your family room wall as shelving? Beautiful as is, or would be lovely painted. $40 each... 2 available

Saturday, 16 March 2013

Printed burlap!

Loving this amazing printed burlap that I bought today! I've been trying to source out a neutral French fabric for months! This will be absolutely perfect!!! Table runner... Pillows... Market tote bags... Oh my! So excited about it! The vintage bicycle burlap will be perfect for a few pillows for my boys room... Or maybe a roman blind? So many options!

Friday, 15 March 2013

Turquoise Duncan Phyfe!

My mom found this little table for me and it's a perfect fit in the corner of my family room! I painted it Destin gulf Greenby CC Caldwell. It's a great match with the damask curtains! The sides drop down when it's not in use. when it is in use, it'll be just the spot for my hubby and I to rest our wine and cheese while we watch movies! Love the legs and the dark wax!

Monday, 11 March 2013

Roman blinds!

I found a great tutorial on Pinterest for roman blinds! I have detested my plastic mini blinds since we moved into our home 6 months ago. So... I took them down tonight, removed the bottom piece and slide off most of the slats. I only kept on 8 of them... Evenly spaced, and hot glued them to a curtain that I had in my closet... Reattached the bottom plate and hung it back up. So much better! Love the muted tones with just a touch of shimmer. Blends in nicely with the paint color, and lets the damask curtains in our family room, remain the main attraction. I have one more panel that will finish off the 2 sides, and the blind above my kitchen sink. Exactly what I needed to finally finish off the space. What do u think?

Saturday, 2 March 2013

Then sings my soul

I had a canvas waiting for me to do something creative. I needed a piece of art in my piano studio. I ripped apart an old Royal Conservatory book, And glued it onto the canvas. I then transferred a graphic of this beautiful vintage crown, And added this quote from the famous hymn " how great thou art." I love the way it turned out!