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Monday, 11 March 2013

Roman blinds!

I found a great tutorial on Pinterest for roman blinds! I have detested my plastic mini blinds since we moved into our home 6 months ago. So... I took them down tonight, removed the bottom piece and slide off most of the slats. I only kept on 8 of them... Evenly spaced, and hot glued them to a curtain that I had in my closet... Reattached the bottom plate and hung it back up. So much better! Love the muted tones with just a touch of shimmer. Blends in nicely with the paint color, and lets the damask curtains in our family room, remain the main attraction. I have one more panel that will finish off the 2 sides, and the blind above my kitchen sink. Exactly what I needed to finally finish off the space. What do u think?

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